• Colour Available:  Black or White (specify when ordering) 

    Construction: Coloured radome, aluminium ferrule, delrin adaptor and folding base

    Freqeuncy Range: 4G, Next G and GSM

    Bandwidth: Full band


    Gain: 6.2 dBi (825-960MHz) and 3 dBi (1710-2190MHz)

    Maximum Power: 30 Watts

    Impedance: 50 Ohms

    Polarisation: Vertical 

    H Plane: 360° omnidirectional Plane

    Cable: 5 metres RG58 low loss (side exit) cable

    Connector:FME female (fitted)

    Height (including mount): 900mm

    Weight (including mount):  800grams

    Mounting Accessories: MM1(supplied)

    Mounting Position: Secure to any flat surface using 4 bolts/screws

  • Shipping cost for item: $15.00