• Go any where navigation

    Bundled with comprehensive street & off road maps, the Touring 700HDX is ready for adventure right out of the box.  iTOPO 4X4 maps have plenty of info on most 4X4 tracks right across Australia. For those big trips in the outback, Gregory’s touring maps have a heap of in depth tourist information, such as where to camp and to get fuel. Best of all, they are just really easy to use.

    • With optional reverse camera(s) fitted, the Touring 700HDX automatically displays the camera image when reverse gear is engaged. There is also the option of fitting a dual cameras for trailer or caravan use
    • Easily navigate through all the Touring 700HDX features on the touchscreen.
    • Utilising the latest in portable power technology, the Touring 700HDX is equipped with a Lithium Polymer recharable battery that lasts up to 3 hours when continously used. While in the vechile, the unit can be charged with the 12V car charger. A 240V wall charger is also included.
    • The Touring 700HDX is equipped standard with the a 32GB micro SD memory card. With all that capacity, you can add your own maps with no hassels. All navigation software & maps are stored on this SD memory card allowing for quick map updates and future compatibility.
    • 64 Channel GPS reciever is state of the art to ensure you get the best possible GPS signal in the harshest conditions. In fact, it's so good, there is no need for an external arial.*

    *Performance is optimised when the Touring 700HDX has a clear, unobstructed line of sight with the sky.

    • Touring 700HDX unit
    • 32GB micro SD card
    • Windscreen mounting bracket
    • 12V vehicle charger
    • 240V wall charger
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Navigation Software Guide
    • Carry case
  • Free shipping