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Welcome to One Planet Communications

We are a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in providing the latest in communication technologies. Satellite phone hire or UHF radios - you name it, we have it. Representing the most renowned and reliable service providers and network operators in Australia, we help our customers to stay connected with their dear ones always, no matter wherever they travel across Australia.

Vehicle breakdowns, getting lost in remote areas or network troubles during the harshest climatic conditions – barriers to your communication lines can be limitless. That is why we recommend you to rely on our products and services.  Offering you 100% coverage all over Australia, our sat phones caters to your telecommunication needs.

Why Choose One Planet Communications?

Well, you may find varied range of options when it comes about selecting the service providers or network operators. Then, your question might be,” Why One Planet Communications?” What makes us different is our reliable range of communication solutions. Right from the short range UHF radios to marine radio and to sat phones, we have something for every customer requirement.

Satellite Phone Hire Services

Have you caught been in those frustrating situation when your mobile shows “no network coverage” message? It might be medical emergency or urgent news that you wish to convey with your near ones. But you can’t do that because of the signal coverage problems in your cellular phone networks. That is the exact reason why we insist on relying on our satellite phone hire services.

Why Opt for Sat Phones?

Satellite phones or simply sat phones can be considered as a smarter and effective alternative for cellular phone systems. One Planet Communications presents you with the innovative satellite communication solutions. When it is about establishing a telecommunication channel, the electromagnetic radiations play an integral aspect in the message transmission. But what if some interferences happens in these signal transmission? Reliability and functionality of communication system is compromised then. Cellular phones are prone to such signal loss and network disturbances often.

Sat phones, as the name indicates are interlinked with the orbiting communication satellites. Unlike the land based tower message relay, isatphone send and receive signals through satellites. Since the satellites cover an entire geographical space, you don’t have to bother about the network coverage issues.

No longer, you have to experience the difficulties like voice breakage or unreachable messages due to signal distortion as our satellite phone hire services is an impeccable solution for every communication difficulties.

May be you are planning for a forest trekking, deep sea exploration or mountaineering, One Planet Communications provide you with the reliable range of sat phone hire services at competitive prices. Another advantage is you can even stay connected with the World Wide Web, from any nuke and corner of Australia.  Catering to your internet need in effective manner, our satellite phone hire services comes with prepaid and post-paid options, from which you can make your pick. No matter whether it is Pivotal or Inmarsat isatphone, we have the right satellite networks to get you connected to the online world.

If you have been searching for a handy solution for all your communication needs, then you can’t go pass isatphone. Robust handset that comes with a remarkable combination of long battery life, trustworthy network connection, exceptional voice quality and unbeatable coverage, this communication device will be worth the penny you spend. Let One Planet Communication provide you with the very best in advanced communication technologies.

Satellite Phone Hire Services for You

  1. Varied array of sat phones to choose from
  2. Consistent network support and coverage throughout Australia
  3. Avail the benefit of free incoming calls
  4. No hidden charges
  5. Stay connected to your family and friends all the time

So why are you waiting for?  Say bye to the cellular networks and switch to sat phones with One Planet Communications.

Radio Communications

As the communication technology is attaining new heights and advancements, radio communications is also gaining an innovative transformation. No longer, radios are just those handheld devices you used to tune for hearing songs, but it is transformed as a necessity in off road communications.

At One Planet Communications, we not only think about long-range satellite communications, but also realise the importance of short-range communications. That is the exact reason, why our company have been offering customers with various types of UHF radios.

What exactly is UHF Radios?

UHF or Ultra High Frequency represents the electromagnetic waves of frequency range between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. Just like the two sides of same coin, Citizens Band Radio or CB radio is designed in such a way that it receives only those radio signals of specific range of band. Unlike the radio players, UHF radios are two-way radio using which you can send text messages, transfer images or even watch movies.

One Planet Communications provide you with the supreme quality private radio communication built in devices like gme radios, hema gps, icom radios and more that will prove beneficial for all your off-road short distance communication.

How GME UHF Radios prove to be Beneficial?

Whenever you are planning to set out for a road trip to the countryside locations or remote areas, the thing that keeps you in trouble is the mobile network coverage issues. Since, cell phones turn out to be of no use in remote locations or dead spots; you have to look for effective and economical alternatives. That is where the role of UHF radios comes in.

Hema GPS from One Planet Cmmunication , integrated with cutting edge technologies and applications can guide you in the right direction. Street navigation and memory maps incorporated in high end hema GPS navigators makes your trips easy and hassle free. If you are the one, who is crazy about road trips and travels, then hema gps will be your best buy.

Spending money of GME or icom radios will be worth it, check out its benefits.

  1. No longer, you have to worry about the phone bills, as UHF radios are free to use. All you have to do is buy uhf cb radios from One Planet Communications and acquire your license for its usage.
  2. UHF radios are extremely durable and reliable, so you don’t have to bother about any unexpected break downs or repairs.
  3. Portable and handy

At One Planet Communication, you may also find marine radios that will allow you sail comfortably across the water bodies without losing in touch with your loved ones.

Switch to an advanced world of telecommunication, get in touch with One Planet Communications today itself . Give us a call on 1800 800 991.